American Indian Pottery and Pipes

The pottery we specialize in is hand made by Native American Indians whose ancestors were practicing this pottery art long before Cortez and his Conquistadors explored our region. (which is now New Mexico and Arizona) The skills necessary in making this pottery are carefully handed down generation by generation, with each new “crop” of artists adding new skills and techniques to their pottery trade.

This American Indian pottery is made by hand and decorated by hand in traditional patterns representing things encountered in the daily lives of these southwestern Indian tribes. Some patterns on this pottery represent rain, crops, clouds, corn, various animals, and other things that are important to them.

Thus, the pottery serves many purposes. The pottery is functional. The pottery is culturally significant. The pottery is native art in a beautiful form. .

The Ugly Otter has some exceptionally fine American Indian pottery made in the American Southwest on Indian Reservations and in Indian Pueblos. This pottery is all hand made, hand decorated, and fired with pride by Native Americans who are masters at their art. You will see some of the outstanding examples of this work in the following illustrations.

These illustrations are representative of the style, shape, design and size of the pots we can ship, but also keep in mind that each one is hand made; no two peaces will be exactly alike. Therefore, do not expect to receive pottery that is exactly as shown in every detail – it can’t be done. However, our “NO QUIBBLE” guarantee protects you should you receive anything with which you are displeased.

Some insights on peace Pipes

Calumets (peace pipes) and other Native American ceremonial pipes have often been given the misnomer, “peace pipe”; this is a European term based on only one type of pipe and one way it was used. Various types of ceremonial peace pipes have been used by many Native American cultures, with the style of pipe, materials smoked, and ceremonies being different to the spirituality of those particular Nations.

For ceremonial usage, the smoke from the peace pipe is believed to carry prayers to the attention of the Creator or other powerful spirits. Native American Lakota tradition has it that White Buffalo Calf Woman, brought the Chanunpa to the people, and instructed them in its symbolism and ceremonies.

Some insights on (Navajo Wedding Baskets)
The Navajo Wedding Basket is a coiled, woven basket made from willow, which is bundled together with stitching made from split willow or sumac. The typical coloring of the baskets are: red, black, and white. Many of these colors come from natural dyes such as cochineal, bee plant or wild spinach.

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